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Damon Jamar Bostick born July 3rd, 1993 in Concord, North Carolina, I go by the rap name “J-Mar”. I’ve been writing verses ever since 1997, at the age of 4. Never knew I would completely pursue rap due to my love for sports mainly football as I became an all-state performer in high school.

My motivation for finally pursuing the rap game came from having surgery and my football career ending. I’ve overcome a lot of adversity in my life, I have gone through a lot of trials and tribulations, I’ve seen people get shot at, I’ve seen people I grew up with killed, I’ve been a witness to the drug game and lived around it for years and I puzzle that into every single song I do. I came from a good home with a solid foundation and lived with my parents, brother, and sister.

It’s been a hard young life for me and in most of my songs, that’s exactly what I speak about. I love to catch the ears of listeners with catchy beats as well as my lyrics because a lot of people can relate to what I speak upon. Creating clean and positive fun music with good beats that you can dance to and get some type of good feeling from what I'm about what I'm striving to bring.

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North Auburn, United States of America




80s, 90s, Covers, Hip Hop, Multi Genre, Pop, Rap

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Hotels & Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs, Festival, Public Event, Cruise Ship, Corporate Event, Private Party




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