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Greg Arcade is a Canadian Country Singer. Mixing familiar covers with beautifully written original music, Greg Arcade is a veteran of the entertainment industry. Having performed alongside Lonestar, Emerson Drive, Brett Kissel, Aaron Pritchett, Doc Walker, and many more household names, Greg Arcade is no stranger to the big stage.

Founder of such enterprises as: Howl At The Moon Music Festival, Golden Oak Record Co., Saddle Up, as well as working closely with local rodeos and country oriented events, Greg Arcade is a perfect fit for whatever you've got coming up.

Greg Arcade has been a staple of the entertainment landscape for over a decade. Releasing a plethora of music with several acts, producing musicians at all levels of their careers, and creating outlets for artists to perform and grow such as Howl At The Moon Music Festival (founder), Greg Arcade has been going for broke since the moment he grabbed that first guitar and plucked a chord.

Focused on his solo career, Greg Arcade performs country music with an authenticity unparalleled in the current cultural climate. Years of experiences ranging from good to bad are something he's learned to convey in the truth of his voice and the sweet crying of his guitar.

Greg Arcade is the real deal, and if you're looking to hear something that make you feel, make sure you make it down next time he's in your town.

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Band, Guitarist, Multi Instrumentalist, Party Band


Country, Covers, English, Oldies, Original, Urban

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Hotels & Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs, Wedding, Festival, Public Event, Cruise Ship, Corporate Event, Private Party, Exhibition

Awards and Recognition

MCMA 2017 Roots Country Artist of the Year


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  • 1 case of domestic beer. the least hoppy beer you can find. we prefer something fun and local. if that doesn't work Guiness Stout is an acceptable alternative.
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  • 1 case of Montellier mineral water.
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  • Fresh vegetable tray w/ ranch dressing
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  • Fresh towels
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  • 2 bottles of red wine

Greg Arcade