Germán Cova




25 years of experience in live audio and recording studio, assembly and production of events to Great Scale.

Participation in TV shows, Marte TV" Playing guitar and interviewing artists.
Discography production of the CD "Cual es tu Horizonte?" Including 12 original songs of own authorship.

Director of INPLAY "School of Audio Software and Recording Studio"
Director of Ineventos Producciones, C.A. Own company with more than 14 years of experience in assembly and production of musical events. Registered and Founded Company since 2003.

Representative and Distributor of the brands Penn-elcom and Amphenol in Venezuela, Ineventos Producciones, C.A.

Director in Rooms Rental INPLAY, Event Production, Casting, Photography and TV Commercials.

Performances in Theater and Shows

1994 First Holiday Workshop of Classical Guitar, Fondene, Museum of Comtemporary Art "Francisco Narvaez" Porlamar.
1996 Vaudeville, Maria Eugenia Lugo Dance Studio, Teatro Up Stage, Centro plaza (Caracas).
1996 Cultural Association Maraven. Tablao Flamenco, Paloma Marin, March 6, Auditorium Zumaque, (Caracas) ..
1997 Fundar Celarg (Caracas). The Flamenco Company of Siudy Quintero, Asi Baila Espana, 5-6 Dec.
1997 Fundacion Cultural Jose Angel Lamas and Carmen Terife, 5 and 7 Dic. Cadafe Theater. (Caracas).
1998 Fundacion Celarg (Caracas). Superior School of Flamenco, 9 and 10 May, III Anniversary, Prof. Daniela Tugues.
1999 Universidad de los Andes, Oct. Cesar Rengifo Theater,Flamenco Academy, Color de Triana, Prof. Anny Schon
2000 Flamenco dance school. Lilian Lizarraga, Municipal Theater of Valencia.
2000 Universidad de los Andes, Feb. Cesar Rengifo Theater, Flamenco Nights. Marshes of Triana. Prof. Anny Schon
2001 University of the Andes, Feb. Cesar Rengifo Theater, Flamenco Nights. Marshes of Triana. Prof. Anny Schon
2001 Universidad de los Andes, May. Teatro Cesar Rengifo, Flamenco Nights. Marshes of Triana. Prof. Anny Schon
2001 International Fair of Valencia, 8 to 18 of Nov. Show Flamenco.
2001 Camino al Rocio, Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra, Tatiana Reyna Dance School. Estancia art center. (Caracas).
2002 Flamenco Encounter, Camelas, Flamenco Dance School. Santa Rosa de Lima Theater. (Caracas).
2002 Art in movement, everything is a matter of time, Teatro Hermandad Gallega. (Caracas).
2003 Flamenco Encounter, Santa Rosa de Lima Theater, Prof. Yaitzelin Carvallo, Camelas. (Caracas).
2004 All Drums in the world, June, Ministry of State for Culture, Workshop of Flamenco rhythms. (Caracas).
2010 Recital soloist cathedra prof. Leonardo Lozano, Guitar Recital, Jose Landaeta Conservatory (Caracas)
2010 Fundacion Celarg, Before the Clock Suene, Prof. Adriana Dobarro. 4 and 5 Sept.
2011 Fundacion Celarg, Iberish, Prof. Adriana Dobarro. 12,13, 19 and 20 of February.
2011 Concert with the symphony Simon Bolivar Work Palindromia flamenco 30 April theater emil friedman
2011 Concert of classical and flamenco guitar in the city of maracay, center guitarristico de Aragua
2011 Concert of flamenco guitar and classic in the international festival of guitar Corp Banca
2011 Concert of flamenco guitar in the festival of Angostura Ciudad Bolivar
2012 Flamenco Guitar Concert & Workshop, International Guitar Festival (Corp Group)
2015 Work "De Vuelta" Teatro Cesar Rengifo de Petare, Bailaora Daniela Tugues.
2015 Concert Flamenco Work "Meztiza", Bailaora Daniela Tugues.
2017 Artist from MTA in New York

Talent Card

Art Type:





Guitarist, Improviser, Producer, Singer (Vocalist)


60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Acoustic, Ballad, Bolero, Brazilian, Classical, Covers, English, Flamenco, Funk, Instrumental, Jazz, Latin, Lounge Music, Merengue, Original, Party , Pop, R&B, Rumba, Spanish

Events Type:

Hotels & Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs, Public Event, Exhibition, Festival, Private Party


Awards and Recognition

2012 Fellowship to the Malaga festival in Spain in Alhaurin de la Torre. Barquisimeto Jazz Festival.

2011 Scholarship to the international festival of Curitiba, Brazil 2012, Barquisimeto Jazz Festival.

Germán Cova