Saudi Arabia



ELFUEGO aka DJ Hany started his musical career in 2007 as a DJ, Turntablist, and Music Producer, participating any many musical events and ceremonies around the kingdom and globally in countries such as Paris, Berlin, Cape Town, and the GCC.

ELFUEGO aka DJ Hany is hosting his own musical radio show #Beatlife jam on SRFM Saudia Radio.

In 2013 Elfuego was titled the No.1 DJ in Saudi Arabia and one of the top 10 semi-finalist DJs in Pioneer's DJ competition in the Middle East 2014.

During the music career of ELFUEGO he developed the concept of #Beatlife to become the founder of the largest electronic music community with over 87 DJs and music producers in Saudi Arabia.

ELFUEGO became one of the first DJs in Saudi Arabia who are performing in open format music with his own unique style and signature which led him to be the opening act for international superstars such as Nelly, Cheb Khalid, Monkey Safari, Tyga, and Rick Ross.

In 2019 with the new era of Saudi Arabia achieving Vision 2030 Elfuego played a tremendous part as a Superstar DJ during his performance in MDL Beast Festival in Riyadh being one of the leaders in the underground music scene.

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Talent Card

Art Type:



Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


DJ, Producer


Club House, Deep House, Disco, EDM, Electronic, Funk, Groove, Hip Hop, House, Indie, Melodic, Minimal, Nu Disco, Open Format, Progressive, R&B, Tech, Tech House, Techno, Trance

Events Type:

Clubs & Pubs, Festival, Public Event, Cruise Ship, Corporate Event, Private Party, Exhibition


English, Arabic

Awards and Recognition

Top 10 Semi-Finalist in Pioneer DJ Competition Middle East

Titled as No.1 DJ in Saudi Arabia

Group Members

Ramy Albanjary

Asst. Manager

Yasser Edris



Opening Performance for Rick Ross

Opening Performance for Tyga

Opening Performance for Monkey Safari

Opening Performance for Cheb Khaled

Opening Performance for Nelly

MDL Beast Festival


  • #Beatlife TR - Sound
  • ARTIST will use a setup with CD players and mixing console (music played from a usb storage).
  • • 1 x Allen & Heath Xone 92 or 96
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Mixer has to be installed and connected to CD players and sound system upon arrival of ARTIST. If a DJ playing before ARTIST is using another mixer, two separate set ups are necessary! A break for mixer changeover is not acceptable! Free access to inputs on back of mixer has to be assured! ARTIST’s own hardware has to be connected by ARTIST (or the ARTIST’s appointed representative) before the start of the performance! ARTIST will not be able to perform without free access to the inputs of the mixer!
  • • 4 x Pioneer CDJ-3000
  • • Pioneer DJ- RMX- 1000.
  • • Network switch with min. four ports for gigabit Ethernet
  • • 4 x Ethernet cables(4 x for Pioneer Pro DJ Link)
  • • 4 x free power sockets incl. adapter from Canadian plug to respective country’s plug (220 – 240V)
  • • Monitor unit, suitable for the DJ booth/stage and the venue (at least two monitor speaker to be installed on the right and on the left of ARTIST plus additional subwoofer), monitor speakers must be positioned not more than 1m either side of the position of ARTIST and must be in stereo l/r configuration, not mono. Monitor unit must be bi-amped and must not be distorted, limited or compressed at anystage. SELF-POWERED SPEAKERS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! JBL-EON is not accepted, for example! No Peavey, no Behringer, no homemade cabinets. Underpowered, inadequate or distorted monitors put PROMOTER at risk of cancellation of ARTIST’s performance!
  • • All cables to/from and in the vicinity of the DJ booth/table must be taped securely to avoid any potential trip hazards or potential interruption to power or audio. DJ set up must be draped at the front and sides to hide wiring.
  • • The DJ set up has to be installed on a table or other raised surface. The table top should be at least 1 metre / 40 inches high, the table and the area around the table shall be sufficiently lit. The surface must be clean.
  • • An additional table or other raised surface shall be placed in DJ booth/on stage behind ARTIST’s position with sufficient room for ARTIST’s equipment and the ARTIST’s drinks in DJ booth/on stage. The table shall be sufficiently lit. The table top should be at least 1 metre / 40 inches high.
  • • The personnel necessary for the installations (at least one technician should be present before and during the whole performance of ARTIST and during sound check, to guarantee the correct wiring and functionality of the technical equipment and all installations, must be fluently English speaking)
  • • Any change of the main volume or Artists volume is forbidden during ARTIST’s set! Should any of the above-mentioned items not be provided, this shall constitute a material breach of the contract. In such a case, ARTIST is released of the obligation to perform, while the obligation to pay the ARTIST fee as well as the AGENCY SERVICE FEE, however, remains in force. The claim to further damage by ARTIST and PEOPLE & MACHINES against PROMOTER is not excluded.