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Sharing with the audience what he thinks are the greatest records of the moment or what he thinks are timeless and personal classics is something that has motivated him through the years.

He sees his job as being a big filter.

Originally from Portugal, Born and raised in Kuwait, Velario D͛costa aka, DJ V.A.L. (Value-Added Love), has always had an affinity for good, soul-stirring music. VAL͛s love for music has transcended from his days as a guitarist which led him to his destiny as renowned DJ.

After 10 years of battling it out with cut-throat competition, he joined the ranks as one India͛s most popular and sought-after DJs. He went to India to pursue a degree in audio engineering which later helping him to Produce and remix the music.

But, it͛s not the end here; his dream of experimenting with various music genres has allowed him to trot across the globe to the hippest party destinations around the globe. From house to techno and everything in between, VAL has immersed himself in the ebb and flows of music.

He captures the magic of each as a leading figure of the Parisian scene and label owner, connecting the dots both forward and back with his own personal and multi-dimensional touch.

He professionally learnt music and played with various bands in Kuwait, his love for music grew to the next level and made him a famous DJ. He has a great influence of Bob Sinclar, Roger Sanchez, Jazzy Jeff, Danny Tenaglia, Fedde Le Grand, Eric Prydz and many more of this genre.

He grew up in the middle east listening to tunes influenced by the west artists like Wu- Tang clan, NWA, Tupac, Biggie. Dr Dre Snoop Dog introduced him to become a DJ at a very early age and influenced him in mixing tunes for school proms and various festive occasions.

VAL͛s got head hunted at a party for his first residency on 80s theme nightclub Hawaiian Shack and this event was also featured as top 50s bars in the world in a renowned magazine and he lived there for 7 years. After this struggle, he got a DJ contract and his first middle east contract in Muscat Oman Nuts and Bolts, but he left Muscat as the country seems quite boring for him.

F- Bar and Lounge being a nightclub franchise of Fashion TV elevated his great success playing for all Fashion Shows after parties and celebrities get together.

Not only this, later on Dubai hired him from a freelance gig in Qatar and offered him a luxurious residency to stay.

He used to like Funk and Disco sounds from childhood so, he decided to create a brand image for those sounds where his only focus was Nu Disco and Deep House. It was called Funk Kronicles.

It was hard portraying himself as an all-rounder so he felt it was necessary to create another identity. Currently he is focusing on making Funk Kronicles for an international Record Label and producing the music under the same genre.
VAL deceitfully mergers music using his knack and smart understanding of music, to give the crowd exactly what they need.

Many will guarantee for the fact that he believes that no trade is worth practicing unless that knowledge is impaired to others. So, when he isn͛t playing, you͛ll find VAL in the
classroom with compatible individuals who share their raw love for music and interests. VAL is always there to support the new talent and encourage and appreciates them.

His influence extends to other areas of entertainment like event planning and plugging-in artists. Don͛t be surprised to see him at talent competitions, where he is famously known for making an appearance on the panel of judges and juries. With a Sound Engineering educator under his belt, VAL͛s ear for clean sublime, and perfect sound makes him the best at what he does.

Not many can power a crowd from sunup to sundown; but, VAL͛s reputation, to garner a loyal following exceeds it. Got a tough crowd to please? Who you going to call? The answer is loud and clear: DJ VAL. It͛s no wonder that he͛s got over a 1000 follower tracking his every move on social media.

Talk about being in demand! He is very famous and famed for what he does.
For the young and agitated, VAL spins the latest in dance music from the U.K͛s chart toppers. Mellow and old-school? He gets his groove on with retro music of the best from the 80s and 90s.

He͛s even known for his incredible ability to switch between funk, nu disco, and indie dance music, including the right mood-setting tunes for fashion runaway shows (he was F Bar͛s most wanted DJ) and glamorous event that needs some ͚Value-Added Love͛. No party is complete without a hip-thrusting, fist-pumping selection of music, which he deftly plays for fans. Even hip-hop, Motown (the crowning glory of his set),
commercial, and RnB music don͛t get by his guy͛s attention. A true King of all trades, to say the least.

DJ V.A.L. is also a mash-up music producer in the business, where many clubs and multi-genre artists play his tracks to crowds of screaming fans. It͛s also been a privilege for couples to have him play at weddings, where he also plays for private parties and functions. It͛s no secret that VAL has engraved a
niche in this industry as not just another DJ, but a man who genuinely understands the anatomy of good music.

For him, every day is the dawn of making a difference to those who love and thirst for great music.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


DJ, Multi Genre


Commercial, Funk, Hip Hop, Indie, Nu Disco, Oldies, Pop, R&B

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Hotels & Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs, Corporate Event, Private Party