DJ Michael Argent

Czech Republic



Michael Argent is EDM style DJ based in Czech Republic. Music has always been our passion and in 2016 we joined the world of EDM & DJing.

We make EDM, DEEP HOUSE, BIG ROOM & FUTURE HOUSE. After graduating the music school in Prage, our music career is about to "Take Off" to the heights of the world of music.

After many great nights we played in music clubs, we are going to make our own partys and events. Our Portfolio contents clubs like Hany Cubanabar (Pardubice), KKCG Annual Event (Prague), Cheers Club (Prague), Ladronka Venue (Prague) etc.

Nowadays we can meet in Cheers Club, Prague. Here we are producing our brand new event.

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Czech Republic


DJ, Multi Genre


Deep House, EDM, Electronic, House

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Clubs & Pubs, Festival, Public Event, Private Party, Exhibition

DJ Michael Argent