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DJ Burlene



United Arab Emirates




Commercial, Dance, Hip Hop, House, Multi Genre, R&B


Private Party, Exhibition, Festival, Public Event



DJ Burlene is an open format DJ from Manila, Philippines who started her DJ career in 2012. She began spinning hip-hop and R&B but slowly diversified to a more open format style.

Her hard work, determination, versatility, and ability to seamlessly mix any genre of music together caught the attention of many nightlife personalities who then offered her gigs in well known upscale nightclubs and hotels in and out of the city which also helped her to become one of the most sought after events DJ in her hometown. She has done countless of birthday, wedding, college, graduation, corporate, fashion, and yacht parties.

In 2014, she was nominated as "Best New DJ", "Best Hip-Hop DJ", and "Best R&B DJ" at the 2014 DymeJays Awards.

In 2015, she took her talents to the United Arab Emirates where she became the resident DJ of Club Seven in Dubai and Hub 33 in Abu Dhabi.

A few highlights of her career includes spinning at a pool party for Playboy Philippines and spinning at a fashion show for MEGA Magazine (the number 1 fashion magazine in the Philippines). She was also featured on a TV show that aired on a major network in the Philippines and in other countries through The Filipino Channel (TFC).

Traveling around the world, DJ Burlene has performed not only in the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates but also in other countries like Qatar, Maldives, and Oman.

In 2017, she became the official DJ for "Cosmo On Campus" by Cosmopolitan Magazine Middle East and the DJ for Victoria's Secret Pink events in Dubai.

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Awards and Recognition

2014 DymeJays Awards Best New DJ (Nominated)

2014 DymeJays Awards Best Hip-Hop DJ (Nominated)

2014 DymeJays Awards Best R&B (Nominated)


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