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Purveyor of deep, infectious dance grooves and a feel-good atmosphere. That' s how Badr Khiyat (a.k.a. DexLeMaffo) – a very active member of the Moroccan electronic music community – was described as a DJ.
Today, his mixed spectrum of musical influence translates into sets where he picks apart and infuses all the pieces of his puzzle: beautiful synth work, ethereal backdrops, brooding basslines, percussive and tribal beats, and occasional vocal hooks, all underlined by a pronounced foot-shuffling house or techno beat.

PAST GIGS (2018)
NOVEMBER 8th Tunesday w/ Amine K + Dex Le Maffo (El Palatino - Rabat - MA)
OCTOBER 12th : Apéros Electro w/ Habibi Funk (Le Dhow - Rabat - MA)
OCTOBER 5th : Waves Festival (Flamingo Beach Casablanca - Casablanca - MA)
AUGUST 3Oth : Atlas Electronic festival - Pool stage (Villa Janna - Marrakech - MA)
JULY 25th : Extended set (L'envers - Marrakech - MA)
JULY 5th : Afterwork session (Chester's - Casablanca - MA)
JUNE 24th : Afters Mawazine festival (La Table du Reservoir - Rabat - MA)
MAY 8th : Snacks & Tracks (La Table du Reservoir - Rabat - MA)
APRIL 30th : Monday Funday (5ème avenue - Rabat)
APRIL 21st : HADRA - Journées du Patrimoine Rabat-Salé (Rabat)
APRIL 13th-14th : RAK Elektronic On the Beach - L'Ane Vert(Essaouira/Tafedna, MA)
APRIL 12th : Extended DJ set - L'Envers (Marrakech - MA)
APRIL 6th : Apéros Electroniques - Live stream B2B with Sy Morin - (Rabat, MA)
MARCH 8th : Ballantine's True Sounds of Morocco (Rabat, MA)
FEBRUARY 14th : Snacks&Tracks Afterwork (Rabat, MA)

DECEMBER 30th : Party Like Hachimoto NYE Pre-Party (Rabat,MA)
DECEMBER 2nd : Red Circle Collective pres: New blood (Rabat, MA)
NOVEMBER 10th : Rhytmics : How Deep (Rabat, MA)
SEPTEMBER 9th : The Beat @ The Main Room (Rabat, MA)
AUGUST 26th : Red light Radio Showcase @ Atlas Electronic Music and Arts Festival (Marrakech)
AUGUST 23rd : DexLeMaffo extended dj set @ L'Envers (Marrakech, 
AUGUST 4th : Atlas Electronic showcase (Rabat, MA)
JULY 29th : Atlas Electronic Pool Party (Casablanca, MA)
MAY 6th : PROSPER - The 4 Elements by Underground Noise (Casablanca, MA)
MAY 4th : Atlas Electronic x Diapazone Showcase (Casablanca - MA)

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Dex Le Maffo