Claudia Vera




2020: Dancer in the cabaret NATIONAL PALACE in France
2020: Contortionist in the CABARET DE LICQUES in France and soloist of the French Cancan 2020: Aerial artist and contortionist in OPERA SAINT TROPEZ
2019-2020: Aerial artist at LA FOLIE DOUCE CHAMONIX - aerial silks and aerial hoop
2019: Dancer in SO ROUEN cabaret in the show SPLENDIDE 3 with LES CAPRICIEUSES
2019: Contortionist and aerialist in the circus in Drancy with SHAM SPECTACLES
2019: Dancer with VIP GIRLS with JY JUNELLE
2019: Contortionist in the show DITES-LE AVEC DES PLUMES in Nevers
2019: Contortionist in the CASINO BARRIERE in DEAUVILLE and CHATEL GUYON in France 2017-2019: Aerialist ( aerial hoop), contortionist and dancer in the cabaret in France NATIONAL PALACE in France
2017-2018: Aerialist ( aerial silks, aerial hoop ), contortionist and dancer in ILLUSION CLUB at KEMPINSKI MARSA MALAZ in Doha
2015-2018: Contortionist, aerialist ( aerial hoop ) and dancer in the cabaret LE STAR PARADYSE in France
2016-2017: Aerialist ( Aerial hoop, aerial silks ) contortionist and dancer in CAVALLI CLUB in Dubai 2016-2017: Contortionist and dancer in Dubai - Freelance
2016: Aerialist ( Aerial hoop, aerial silks, aerial strap ) contortionist and dancer in PIRATES ADVENTURE in Mallorca
2015-2016: Contortionist, aerialist ( aerial hoop ) and dancer in GLOBAL VILLAGE in Dubai
2015: Contortionist for ROCK AND ROLL CIRCUS on TF1 CHANNEL in France
2015: Dancer in the cabaret MOULIN MAGIQUE in France
2015: Contortionist and dancer in the show DREAMS PRODUCTION in the THEATRE TRIANON in Belgium
2009-2018: Contortion, aerial and dance shows and events in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Guadeloupe, Corsica and Bahrain with the companies: B&B DANCE AGENCY, QUO VADIS SHOW, PARIS CAN CAN, LUC BAZILLE-SNAP AND CLAC, VIP GIRLS, KATANA, RUBY DANCE SHOW, MAGMA SHOW, PARIS SHOW TIME, GILLES RAMADE, LES CHOUPETTES, LES ETOILES DE PARIS, MEGALITHE, LES CAPRICIEUSES, LILOU SHOW, FEMME FOUGUEUSE, SHOW OFF, BLACK CIRCUS, CDB PRODUCTION, EDILSON SHOW PARIS and NUART 2014-2015: Contortionist in Circus-Cabaret LA BODEGA in Colombes and Champigny
2014: Dancer in CIRQUE BOUGLIONE in Nanterre
2014: Contortionist on MSC ARMONIA CRUISES
2013-2014: Contortionist on MSC SINFONIA CRUISES and Soloist of French Cancan
2013-2014: Dancer, aerialist ( aerial hoop) and Adagio Artist in the cabaret LE DIAMANT BLEU in France
2013: Dancer and assistant of the magician in the show of NICOLAS DEL POZO GRANDE ILLUSION choreographed by THIERRY MERCIER
2013: Contortionist and dancer in MELROSE CABARET in France with A LA FOLIE-NATHALIE TOURNAIRE
2013: Dancer in the cabaret NATIONAL PALACE in France
2013: Contortionist and a dancer in the revue MUSIC HALL AVENUE in CASINO IL SENSO in France
2012: Dancer and acrobat in INTERNATIONAL CIRCUS FESTIVAL ENSCHEDE in Holland with the ballet of JACK DOLLE
2012-2013: Contortionist and dancer in the BEAULIEU CABARET in France with the revue of NATHALIE TOURNAIRE ''LES DEMOISELLES DE PARIS''
2011-2012: Contortion Shows and Aerial Hoop performances in Hong Kong and Macau
2011-2012: Dancer and aerialist ( aerial silks ) in CRAZY PARIS SHOW in Macau in CASINO GRAND LISBOA-soloist of French Cancan
2009-2010: Dancer in COTTON CLUB with the revue EDILSON SHOW PARIS ''PARIS LIDO'' and ''PARIS CAN CAN''-soloist of the French Cancan
2010: Tour to Poland with the revue EDILSON SHOW PARIS ''REWIA PARYSKA''
2010: Dancer and contortionist on the Cruise Ship LE DIAMANT with the company PARIS C'SHOW 2010: Contortionist in the video clip of ANTOINE CLAMARAN ''LIVE YOUR DREAMS"
2010: Dancer in the cabaret LA VILLA D'ESTE in Paris
2010: Dancer in the revue PARIS SHOW TIME in the CASINO IL SENSO -Assistant of the magician 2009: Dancer on the Cruise Ship SILJA SYMPHONY with EDILSON SHOW PARIS
2008-2010: Dancer in EUROPEEN CIRCUS FESTIVAL in Liege with QUO VADIS SHOW 2007-2009: Dancer in Paris in the Cabaret LA BELLE EPOQUE in the Revue PARIS CHIC 2004-2007: Tour to Italy with TRENDY SHOW BALLET- dancer and Cancan soloist with JACEK WALASIK
2003-2004: Cabaret Dancer in Warsaw and Portugal
2002: Dancer in video clip of BLU CAFE ''DO NIEBA"

Talent Card

Art Type:

Circus Artist




Aerialist, Contortion, Dancing

Events Type:

Hotels & Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs, Wedding, Festival, Public Event, Cruise Ship, Corporate Event, Private Party, Bachelor Party, Exhibition

Claudia Vera