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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Composer, Guitarist, Singer (Vocalist), Songwriter


Bollywood, Dance, English, Folk, Lounge Music, Mainstream, Pop, Retro, Upbeat, World Music


Clubs & Pubs, Corporate Event, Hotels & Restaurants, Public Event, Exhibition, Festival, Private Party



Atul’s music has been inspired by a lot of legendary musicians like Bryan Adams, Freddie Mercury, Jason mraz, Sonu nigam and the likes. He has been lucky enough to share the stage with legendary singer Sukhwinder singh and Kshitij Tarey.

Not only pop music, but he has also been trained in Indian Classical Music for more than 10 years now thus providing upbeat pop music with improvised melodies.

With the power of soulful music and pop acoustic feel, he will make you fall in love with his music and at the same time will make you dance.

With his album coming in few months, he is ready to provide a lot of new melodies that you haven’t heard of yet. But wait, don’t just read and believe, come join in in a gig and feel the beauty of original music.

Performing with bands at the start, duos/trios after that, and now performing solo for the last 3 years, has given him a lot of experience in respect to all the events like corporate, private, weddings, etc.

Performed many shows like private parties, rocked clubs, pubs, and weddings and at the same time gave a much-needed break to the corporate employees too.

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Playback singer in Bollywood


  • Singer/Guitarist
  • Vocal-
  • 1 Shure BLX24/SM58
  • 1 In ear
  • 1 Front monitor Mic Stand Sheet Stand
  • Guitar-
  • 1 TRS cable
  • 1 Monitor
  • 1 In ear Guitar Stand
  • Any digital mixing console (Venue/Yamaha/Digico/Allen&Heath)
  • Solo Singer/Guitarist
  • 1. 4 channel mixer with effects like reverb and delay.
  • 2. Monitor
  • 3. Mic and Mic Stand
  • 4. Guitar cable
  • 5. Sheet Stand

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BUZ Management & Marketing Consulting

31 October 2021

Atul was easy to deal with, he came on time, has a nice personality, and was able to perform with the lack of crowd.