OLE (German) and MARA (Luxembourgish) both started in the professional “Escola de Circ, Rogelio Rivel” in Barcelona after their graduation. Only in the very last weeks of this education, the two started playing around on the trampoline together and enjoyed it so much, that they wanted to give this new discipline a shot at the auditions at the University “Codarts”, Rotterdam.

There, they invented their very own way of sharing one trampoline. In June 2018 they graduated with a trampoline act. And, here they are now, ready to share their fun with the world.

Eager to bring the art of contemporary circus closer to the people, the two acrobats create performances for many different audiences. ARAMELO has a very unique way of combining hand-to-hand with trampoline tricks, but also floor-, partner acrobatics and dance movements. Their entertainment provokes laughter, astonishment and plenty of good vibes at street- or indoor festivals, variétés/vaudeville shows, private- and public events.

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Talent Card

Art Type:

Circus Artist




Acrobatics, Balance Artist, Duo

Events Type:

Hotels & Restaurants, Wedding, Festival, Private Party, Bachelor Party

Awards and Recognition

Two prizes at the Internationales Kleinkunstfestival