Anthem And Aria : the Empowertainers

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You’re planning a meeting, campus activity, or trade show and you don’t want it to be the same “Blah” affair like so many events.

You want to give attendees that WOW factor that will not only get people talking about your event, but will empower you, your attendees, and your brand.

Now you can have 100% customized entertainment for your next opening session, gala, family day, expo or award ceremony!

Imagine how an empowering presentation tailored to your business’ message, logos, and products, will not only engage your audience but will break the ice and make an impact!

We are not here to just impress your attendees, we are here to leave an impression on them.

Incorporating your brand, products, and messages, our presentations celebrate the success of your team and remind them of their own special powers!

Perfect for opening sessions and kickoffs, Galas and award ceremonies, and any event where you need to break the ice and build excitement!

Imagine if you had the perfect holiday party.
*It set the tone for the year.
*It broke the ice and built camaraderie.
*It outdid last years event.
*The group felt appreciated and celebrated... And They Thanked You For It.
We can make these results appear like magic!

Your Budget this year needs to be used in an effective way. It cannot be wasted on trivial entertainment, that's why you need Empowertainment.

Imagine giving your students super human memory, tools to make more connections, mind tricks for better grades, and all while they laugh and bond with their friends!

That's what Anthem and Aria achieve for schools around the nation.

Empower your brand and make a splash on the trade show floor. Give the other booths around you 'booth envy' while informing prospects and instantly qualifying leads for your sales team.

Studies show you only have 4 seconds to catch attention at an expo, and the research is showing that entertainment is the most effective way to get booth visitors!

Let's Empower Your Brand and Sales Team!

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United States of America


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Anthem And Aria : the Empowertainers