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"Adam has been based in Dubai for over 3 years and since being here has performed for many different events, parties and clients. Currently he can be booked to perform in the following styles, and is currently working on other various collaborations and projects for 2012.

á capella - 'wandering' or 'roaming' the working environment, Adam plays a mixture of popular music and jazz standards.

Solo with backing tracks - Adam plays along to backing tracks of both popular music and jazz standards taking the place of the lead vocal in each case.

Solo with existing songs/tracks - after songs and tracks have been carefully selected, the saxophone is played 'colouring' the rhythms, phrases and tunes of the existing, often well-known songs.

chill:fix - in 2009 Adam collaborated with Chiara Dodd to launch chill:fix. The duo play the latest and best in chill out music creating the perfect 'chill out' atmosphere for any occasion or event.

Solo with DJ - since arriving in Dubai Adam has been lucky enough to work with a host of local and international DJs and is starting to build a name for himself in doing so. While chill:fix sees him perform in a more 'chilled' environment, he also plays for special events, product launches and parties, and for private parties in bars, clubs and private residences across the GCC to funky house, house and some more 'old school' music.

Aerial saxophone - historically performing in the air at larger scale events and venues for clients wanting a very high visual impact as well as providing a musical performance, through Art in the Air, ( Adam has performed playing live with DJ's and to backing tracks while suspended up to 15 metres in the air.

Saxophone meets Piano - Adam and Ben (Benjamin Kuhn at met in 2011 and immediately realised they shared the same sense in style of music and how this is portrayed. They are currently working on a couple of projects together, the results to be seen in 2012!

Jazz Trio, Quartet or Quintet - playing with a mixture of instruments including piano, bass, drums, guitar and vocals playing a variety of jazz and well known tracks.

Abu Dhabi Big Band - the band play a variety of jazz, swing and latino numbers of greats such as Duke Ellington, Quincy Jones, George Gershwin, Glenn Miller and can be booked for events accordingly. Also available for bookings are the 'Little Big Band' and quartets/quintets."

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Covers, Easy Listening, Fusion, House, Indie, Jazz

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Wedding, Festival, Public Event, Corporate Event, Private Party, Exhibition

Adam long