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Singing Wine Glasses Show

Specialty Act



United Arab Emirates


Singing Wine Glass


Hotels & Restaurants, Corporate Event, Wedding, Exhibition, Festival, Private Party



A wineglass singing artist is able to manipulate the sounds of the wine glasses to create harmonious music, beats, and covers for popular songs with the ethereal sounds the glass makes when being rubbed in a masterful manner.

Glasses have been used for making music since the Middle Ages. A wineglass can be made to ‘‘sing’’ by gently rubbing its rim with a moist finger. The friction between the finger and the rim of the wineglass causes the wineglass to oscillate, producing a loud, pure tone. In this paper, I will investigate the natural resonant frequency of wineglass by the means of the energy method and how the frequency of the oscillations depends on the volume of liquid inside the wineglass ‐ adding the liquid lowers the frequency.

Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Donizetti, Strauss, and more than 100 composers composed works for the glass harmonica; some pieces survived in the repertoire in transcriptions for more conventional instruments.

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