MC Marsel

United Arab Emirates



What is your key superpower as an MC ?!

BREAKING THE ICE BETWEEN THE CROWD! Not a matter of the type of the event - the MC's main job is to break the ICE between the guests, and let them feel relaxed, and ready to have fun. Because of my 10+ years of experience in Dubai, I know all the UAE people's features and can easily break ICE even between Multi-national crowds.

Are you involved in PREPARING THE FINAL PROGRAM for the events.

Everything depends on the client, if clients ask for my help, I do design a detailed program for your event, with all the mentioned scheduled by minutes from the beginning to the end of the day.

How many events, you have successfully completed in UAE ?!

I worked as a professional presented starting in 2016, so I have completed more than 1000+ events, including 110 weddings & 300+ corporate parties, and many birthdays & NEW YEAR EVE parties in TOP - PALM JUMEIRAH 5* star hotels.

How many languages you know>?!

I fluently speak English, Russian, and Ukrainian languages. I also know Arabic & Polish languages at Middle Intermediate level.